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Our modular and eco-friendly ground support system is 100% engineered and manufactured right here in the USA.

Medium Commercial/Residential Products
Keepers Grid M/D 1.5″

Keepers Grid, One and a Half Inch Grid, Products

The Keepers Grid M/D 1.5″ is the perfect medium commercial/residential cellular paver for all your light to medium duty needs. The simple, interlocking paver can be used for anything from hot tub and shed surrounds, to walkways and overflow parking. It’s lightweight design makes it the ideal for DIYers, but its semi-flexible frame makes it strong enough for most projects.

These permeable pavers are a great option when bulky paving stones just won’t due. Keep your landscape beautiful with cellular pavers that allow your well kept grass to grow through.

Use the pavers for the following: 
Cycling Paths
Golf Courses
Camping Grounds
Overflow Parking
Storage Sheds
Hot Tub Surrounds
Erosion Protection
Dust Abatement
Storm Water Management
Groundwater Stabilization

Heavy Commercial
Keepers Grid H/D 2.0″

Keepers Grid, Two Inch Grid, Products

Whether you’re creating temporary roads, or need stability and drainage options for your livestock, the Keepers Grid H/D 2.0 is the heavy commercial porous paver for you. Our proprietary fasteners hold strong under the toughest extremes, yet allow you disassemble and reuse the grid when the job is done. Lightweight and flexible under temperature extremes make this the perfect permeable paver for your next heavy commercial project.

Stables, loading areas, roads? Protect your crew and your property by using a porous paver from Keepers Grid.

Use the pavers for the following: 
Parking Lots
Event Parking
Grass Parking
Truck Parking
Rainwater Retention
Loading Areas
High-Traffic Areas
Dust Abatement
Storm Water Management
Groundwater Stabilization